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Die HRV synchronisiert die Gehirnwellen von Mutter und Kind

Mothers’ and babies’ brains can work together as a ‘mega-network’ by synchronising brain waves when they interact. The level of connectivity of the brain waves varies according to the mum’s emotional state: when mothers express more positive emotions their brain becomes much more strongly connected with their baby’s brain. This may help the baby to learn and its brain to develop.

The research, published in the journal NeuroImage, used a method called dual electroencephalograhy (EEG) to look at brain signals in both mums and babies while they were interacting with each other. They found that mums and babies tend to synchronise their brain waves – an effect known as interpersonal neural connectivity – particularly in the frequency of 6-9 hertz, the infant alpha range.

Der Vagus synchronisiert über die Herzratenvariabilität (HRV) die Hirnwellen von Mutter und Kind und schafft das Urvertrauen. Depressionen der Mütter führen zu Entwicklungsstörungen bei den Kindern.